What We Do
A 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated the revitalization and preservation of our Tribal Languages. 
The mission of the Inchelium Language & Culture Association (ILCA) is to foster and sustain a dynamic community of Salish language speakers whose daily lives are expressed through a commitment to Lakes and Colville culture and a connection to their traditional territories. We work diligently to create new Salish Language speakers and teachers. Our teachers are trained in Second Language Acquisition techniques to ensure our language is retained at the highest levels possibile. 
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Our Community
Building a Language Community, one family at a time.
  1. Families
    ILCA is dedicated to creating young fluent Salish speakers, who will raise their children in our languages. We provide a home for families to engage each other in the common goal of language revitalization.
  2. Education
    ILCA is dedicated to providing our teachers and students with the tools necessary to succeed, by giving them access to the latest curriculum and newest techniques in second language acquisition.
  3. Community
    ILCA believes in investing into our community. We do this though programming that is community centered and generated such as a community garden, and multiple community events and ceremonies.
About Us
Inchelium Language and Culture Association (ILCA), a community-based, grassroots Native non-profit founded in October of 2011. ILCA is governed by a seven-member volunteer Board of Directors. We are the largest private employer in Inchelium Wa. operating with six full time employees, who are dedicated to the revitalisation of Salish languages.