Summer Immersion 2015

During the summer of 2015 the ILCA invited three fluent speakers from the Similkameen Valley in southern British Columbia, Canada to come down to the Inchelium language house and do immersion sessions with both the students at the language house and the babies and toddlers next door at the Inchelium Tribal Childcare. This program was successfully ran all summer long. 

When it came time for immersion the students at the house had pre wrote questions for the speakers ahead of time and then they were drawn from a jar and asked during the immersion time. Some of the answers got reallly personal and some had some surprising responses. 

Either way it was a unforgetable summer full of a wealth of sharing of stories and knowledge. The recordings are fun to listen to and it is like sitting there in the room with them and having a visit. 

Fluent Speakers

Sʕamtíc̓aʔ Sarah Peterson

Is a fluent speaker from the Similkameen Valley and resides at  kłiyánqx̌o in Ashnola, in the southern interior of British Columbia. She has done extensive work for many years contributing to the Salish School of Spokane and Paul Creek Language Association curriculum materials for beginners right on up to advanced speakers. She has provided years upon years of contributing through recording and working in language programs and classes.  

Q̓iyusálxqn Herman Edward

Is a fluent speaker from the Similkameen Valley in the southern interior of British Columbia. He currently teaches Okanagan Salish language & Culture at the N̓tamłqn Snmaʔmáyaʔtn school and grew up in Chopaka and now lives in Keremeos. 

Skalítkaʔ Hazel Squakin

Is a fluent speaker from the Upper Similkameen Valley in the southern interior of British Columbia. She spent years as a Okanagan Salish language & Culture at schools throughout the okanagan and now resides on the Penticton Indian Reserve and  recently has worked as a mentor with master apprenticeship.

Sqʷellumt  Captikʷł

In the winter time, since the first one held in  2010 the ILCA has hosted a story telling evening. This is were are friends and relatives can gather and share our legend stories in the language and everyone gathers young and old. new and elder speakers and learners. We eat, we laugh, and we spend a wonderful evening together. The first session was held in Inchelium at the late Tom Louie̓s long house and recent years it has been held at Pat Moses Green Long house in Wellpinit Washington on the Spokane Indian Reservation. The PendOrielle relatives and friends have attended with their elder speakers as well and have shared stories as well.